Francis Kelly & Sons, Inc.
Concrete Contractors
8 Meco Circle, Wilmington, Delaware 19804
Phone (302) 999-7400
Fax (302) 999-7718

Who are we?
We are a family owned and operated Delaware based corporation established in 1933, which means we have over 75 years of professional experience.  We are a third generation business, which believes in and follows the old motto, "Do it right the first time."  We are Members of the "Home Builders Association of Delaware" and the "National Association of Home Builders."

What do we do?
We specialize in residential and commercial flatwork concrete.
We install concrete for basements, garages, porches, steps, walks, driveways, footings and curbs.  We own and operate our Backhoe, (which enables our company to complete each job independent of the site work contractor) to ensure that each project is completed in a timely manner.

Where do we work?
We work with well-established builders such as Benchmark Builders, Baldini Builders & Eastern States Construction.  Some of the most recent developments include Milltown Village, Dogwood Hollow, Academy Hills, & Gray Acres.  In addition, we work on residential and commercial projects.